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West Geauga Baseball/Softball Federation

The West Geauga Baseball Federation was first established in the 1960’s to encourage baseball and softball for the youth of the West Geauga area of N.E. Ohio. 

The tradition continues today with Co-Ed T-Ball introducing players to the sport.  Following after, separate Coach Pitch Leagues for girls and boys. As the children advance, they play hardball for boys and fastpitch softball for girls. WG Federation has a goal to create an environment of good sportsmanship, building knowledge of the game, promoting fitness and building lifelong friendships.


The purpose and function of this organization is to promote our community baseball and softball programs within an area whose geographical boundaries coincide with that of West Geauga School District. We provide management and scheduling to all baseball and softball teams organized through WG Federation. We also provide maintenance to all community fields utilized by our baseball and softball players and coaches.

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West Geauga Baseball/Softball Federation

Phone: 734-807-9974